Food and Drink Policy

Trocaire College Libraries

Food and drink are permitted in both libraries.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for library users to consume food and drink in the libraries
  • Ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment for library users to study and research
  • Preserve and protect library materials, furnishings and equipment
  • Prevent the disruption of other library users in public areas


All drinks must be in covered containers.  Please avoid any foods that are wet, sticky, excessively crunchy or strong smelling so as to not disturb those studying and working around you.

Library staff have final approval of any food, beverage or container allowed in the library.

Leave No Trace

Be respectful of fellow students and other library users by

  • Disposing of trash and cleaning up afterwards
  • Placing all trash in a garbage can or recycling bin
  • Reporting all spills and accidents to a librarian to prevent safety hazards, stains or damage


Adapted from¬†Eastern Washington University’s JFK Library Food Policy.