F.A.Davis: Distance Learning Hub for Undergraduate Nursing

Click here to access the F.A. Davis: Distance Learning Hub for Undergraduate Nursing
F.A. Davis has granted students and instructors free access to open resources. These include: Skills Videos that teach students how to perform must-know procedures, Interactive Clinical Scenarios (ICS) that encourage students to walk through the nursing process to learn how to think like a nurse and Clinical Simulations that have been validated through their use in the NCSBN National Simulation Study and meet the current INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation.

You will need to create an account using your school email address as your username. You will receive a confirmation email, click on the link and go to F.A. Davis. In the “Search box” in the upper right-hand corner, type Distance Learning Hub and then click on the grey box “Access Free Resources for Instructors and Students”. Click on “Resources” and then click on “OPEN ACCESS” and select the resource.