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Library Hours

Summer 2021

June 1 – July 30:
Monday-Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

Please note: Hours are subject to change based on volume, usage, and building hours.

The Reference Desk is staffed with a librarian during the library hours.
Call us at: 827-2434
Email us at: [email protected]
Contact us at: Contact a Librarian and fill out the form

COVID Policies

How many people will be allowed in the library?

To ensure that proper social distancing can take place, a total of 45 users will be able to be in the library at one time.

How will the library keep track of how many people are in the library at any one time?

There will be a “Hall Pass” system in place. Upon entering the library, you will take a “hall pass” and return the hall pass upon leaving. The returned hall passes will be sanitized.

Who will be allowed to enter the library?

Trocaire students, faculty, and staff only.

How do I get to the library?

The main lobby elevator is available for use, however, only two people are allowed in at a time.

You may also use the stairs to get to the library:

  • Upon entering the building, take the main lobby stairs down to the basement.
  • Follow the arrows to “D” staircase and take them to the third floor.
  • Turn left and follow hallway to “C” staircase.
  • The “C” staircase is designated as a “down” staircase, but students, faculty, and staff are allowed to use them to get from the 3rd floor to the library on the 4th floor.
  • You made it, congratulations!

Once in the library and seated will I be able to take off my mask?

No, you will be required to continue wearing your mask while seated in the library.

Will computers be available?

Yes, however, there will be less computers due to social distancing protocols.

Will printers be available?


Am I allowed to check out materials from the circulating collection?

Yes! Please have your Trocaire student ID with you.

Am I allowed to check out reserve books?

Yes! Please have your Trocaire student ID with you.

What will be done to sanitize books and materials when they are returned?

Upon return, materials will be quarantined for 24 hours when possible. If materials (i.e. reserve books) are needed within the quarantine period, materials with be sanitized using appropriate cleaning methods before being checked out again.

Will the librarians be able to assist me with using the library’s resources (using databases, finding books, using the printers, using the computers, etc.)?

Yes, the librarians will be masked and will follow COVID guidelines.

Am I allowed to move the library furniture/chairs?

No, distance between seating has been measured to ensure that all seating is six feet away from one another.

May I use the study rooms?

No, for the Summer 2021 session the study rooms will be closed.

Are the library’s bathrooms still available?


General Policies

FAQ during regular operations

What do I need to take out library materials at the Trocaire College Libraries?

When taking out materials at the Rachel R. Savarino Library (Choate) , students, faculty and staff must present a current Trocaire ID card to borrow items from the Trocaire College Libraries.
A photocopy or picture on your device of the front and back of your Trocaire ID card are the only accepted substitutions.
Community users and alumni must get a Community User Library Card.

You will need to follow the following steps in order to check out materials from the Penfold Commons Library (Trocaire Achievement Complex) :

  • Remove the blue card from the item that you with to check out
  • Fill out the blue card with your name and today’s date
  • Drop the blue card in the slot at the top of the box located on the library desk
  • Return books by dropping them off with the receptionist or security guard at the front desk

When is the library open?

For the hours of operation for both library locations, check our hours and location page.

Where can I return library materials I borrowed from the Trocaire College Libraries?

Books can be returned at the main desk of the Rachel R. Savarino Library on the main campus, dropped off at the Return Box located in the main library on the main campus or at the security desk at the Trocaire Achievement Complex.

Where can I get library materials that aren’t available at the Trocaire College Libraries?

There are two ways to get the materials you need:

  • Trocaire faculty, staff and students may request books and journal articles through Interlibrary Loan. Books will be shipped to the Trocaire Libraries for your use. Journal articles are delivered to your Trocaire email account.
  • Through AcademicSHARE, current Trocaire faculty and students with a Trocaire ID card can borrow materials from participating college libraries in the Western New York area. Remember, any item borrowed from another library is subject to that library’s policies.

I’m not a current Trocaire student, staff or faculty member. Can I use the library?

Yes! Members of the community can obtain a library card from the Trocaire College Libraries. To find out how, read our Community Users Policy.

Can I eat in the library?

Yes, but there are some restrictions at the Library for food and drink. Please read the Food and Drink Policy to find out more.

Can I study with classmates in the library?

Yes! The Trocaire College Libraries have a number of tables for students to use in pairs or small groups.
The back of the library near the Archives is set up for group study. Tables with red chairs are also for use for group study.
Please be considerate when studying in groups not to disturb fellow students.
Student may also reserve Rooms 404 and 405 for group study for a two-hour period. For more information on the policy and how to reserve the rooms, see our Group Study Rooms Policy.

Are there silent study areas in the library?

Yes! The Trocaire College Libraries have a number of tables for students for silent study.
The area to the front of the library, including the two computer sections, are reserved for silent study. Tables with blue chairs are also for use in the silent study area.
Student may also reserve Room 404 and 405 for silent study for a two-hour period.