Click Here to access HIPAA Training.
Please see below if you need help.

If new account:
1. Fill in all requested information, submit information.
2. This will send you to another page where you click on “log in now”.
3. On the next page, it is encouraged that you to read all the information. When you have read the information there is a box: “To access and complete training” click on “continue to training”.
4. Then you will see a “Login Successful” page.
5. Then click on “Keyword” and select or scroll to H, Select HIPAA, select Overview.
6. It takes about 40 minutes and you will need to print out the certificate and keep it for your records. Send a copy to WellnessCenter@Trocaire.edu.

If returning, and you know your UN/PW or you apply for new one:
1. Once you get to “Login Successful” page, click on “my account” for previous training.
2. When you are about to expire (1 year), you should get an e-mail letting you know.