Course Reserve

Course Reserves

The Trocaire College Libraries’ Course Reserves allows your students access to essential materials in the library.
Find out if an item is on Course Reserve check our Spring 2021 Reserve Collection Guide.

Guidelines for Materials on Reserve

  • Textbooks, books, and DVDs may be held on reserve for your students.
  • Faculty may suggest materials for purchase for the Course Reserve collection for student and faculty use.
  • Textbooks can be purchased by the library only when there is a high demand. Most textbooks are donated by faculty or the department.
  • Materials on Course Reserve may be borrowed by faculty for use within the classroom or personal research. If the item is a high-demand item, a loan may not be possible. Please see a librarian. Students may only use Course Reserve materials in the library.
  • Faculty may return Course Reserve materials directly to either library or place in the library box in the mailroom at the main campus.
  • Faculty must return Course Reserve materials within one week so other faculty and students can use these materials.

Reserve Requests

If the item you would like on Course Reserve is not currently held by the Trocaire College Libraries, speak to your Subject Librarian or consider submitting a Resource Request.