Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

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Instructional Services

The Trocaire College Libraries offer instructors the opportunity to have a librarian come to their classroom to teach their students library skills and information literacy.

Each session is tailored to your coursework to utilize the skills and competencies your students will need to complete their research assignments and projects effectively.

Popular topics for instruction:

  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Citations and formatting
  • Evaluating information critically
  • Identifying primary and secondary resources
  • Identifying scholarly vs. popular resources
  • Library resource demonstration (databases, eBooks, library catalog)
  • Media bias and literacy
  • Netiquette
  • Topic selection

We usually cover 2-3 topics per 50 minute session. You may wish to schedule a longer session, or add a follow-up LRI session, if you feel your students need more instruction.

Your subject librarian can collaborate with you on developing or redefining a research paper or project.

To set up an LRI session, click here and fill out the form. Your subject librarian will respond shortly.

Course Reserves

Utilize the Trocaire College Libraries’ course reserves to allow your students access to essential materials in the library.

Find out if an item is on reserve by checking our library catalog.

Guidelines for Materials on Reserve

  • Textbooks, books, and DVDs may be held on reserve for your students.
  • Faculty may suggest materials for purchase for the reserve collection for student and faculty use.
  • Textbooks can be purchased by the library only when there is a high demand. Most textbooks are donated by faculty or the department.
  • Materials on reserve may be borrowed by Faculty for use within the classroom or personal research. Students may only use reserve materials in the library.
  • Faculty may return reserve materials directly to either library or return to our mailbox located in the Mail Room at the main campus.
  • Faculty must return reserve materials within one week so other faculty and students can use these materials.

Reserve Requests

To find out if the library has a copy of the item you would like placed on reserve, check our library catalog.

If the item you would like on reserve is not currently held by the Trocaire College Libraries, speak to your subject librarian or consider submitting a Resource Request.

Copyright Help

Copyright can cause all kinds of confusion when it comes to researching, writing, and publishing.
The Trocaire College Libraries have a number of tools and resources that can help answer some of these questions.

Copyright for Faculty

For details on copyright and fair use, please review the Copyright for Faculty PDF.

Circular 21: Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians

For guides and best practices from the US Copyright Office, please review Circular 21

Fair Use Checklist

For help determine Fair Use, please review the Fair Use Checklist.

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education

A useful guide on fair use from the Center for Media & Social Impact can be found here


Open Access

Open access resources are digital materials of all types that are made freely available to use, distribute, and modify. Open access resources are either released into the public domain or under a license that permits their free use, such as a Creative Commons License. Open Educational Resources (OER) are open resources that were designed or can be used for educational purposes.
Find out more by checking out our infographic.

Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons Licenses are sets of licenses that allow you to share your work for free while still maintaining control over how the work is shared. Although not required, most open resources are released under a Creative Commons License.
Find out more by checking out our infographic.


Unpaywall is a browser extension for chrome that checks for full-text open versions of journal articles that can normally only be accessed through a paywall.

Places to find open resources

Click here for a list of places to find open educational resources.

Interlibrary Loan & AcademicSHARE

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a system that allows library users to request materials not available at the Trocaire College Libraries from other sharing libraries. Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan have a loan period which is specified by the lending library, not the Trocaire College Libraries. If you wish to renew an ILL item, contact the library before the date it is due. Whether or not an item can be renewed is dependent upon the lending library’s policies. Any late fines for students will be added to their accounts. The cost of lost or damaged materials is assumed by the user.

AcademicSHARE enables libraries to work together to allow greater access to library and information resources. AcademicSHARE is designed for library users who need access to resources not available in either their local public library or other publicly accessible libraries. To take advantage of AcademicSHARE, a user must present their valid Trocaire College ID at the circulation desk of the participating library. That library may choose to call the Trocaire College Libraries to confirm that a user is a current student or faculty member in good standing with the Library. Late and lost fines will be determined by the lending library. AcademicSHARE users from other participating libraries are subject to the standard Trocaire College Libraries library fines. A list of participating libraries and further explanation of guidelines can be found through WNYLRC.

Subject Librarians

Each of our librarians specializes in certain subject areas. Click here to find the subject librarian for your area.