7 Steps for Using Library Databases

A thumbnail of the Popular vs. Scholarly Resources infographic
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  1. Library website
  2. Choose a database
  3. Set search limits
    • Check the box next to Scholarly or Peer Reviewed to only search for journal articles.
    • Limit to recently published information (3-5 years).
  4. Use keywords
    • Only use the main points of the topic as your keywords.
    • Keywords work better in databases than phrases or questions to give you more control over your search.
  5. Search tips
    • Use AND to combine your main keywords together
    • Use OR when similar terms are used interchangeably
    • Use NOT to eliminate a keyword in your results
  6. Abstract or full text
    • An abstract is only a summary of a journal article.
    • Full-text is the entire article. You can print, cite email or save a full-text article in a database.
  7. Interlibrary Loan
    • Articles not in full-text can be requested through an Interlibrary Loan from the 360 Link.
    • Articles will be delivered in 2-72 hours to your Trocaire email.