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Do you have computers I can use in the library?

PCs are available for use at the Rachel R. Savarino Library on the main campus.

Can I use my personal laptop in the library?

Yes! WiFi is available throughout both libraries for laptop and mobile devices.



Can I print in the library?

Black and white and color printing are available at both library locations. The color option must be selected at the computer before the print job is sent to the printer. If having trouble, please see a librarian regarding color printing

Laptop and mobile printing is not supported at the Rachel R. Savarino Library.

Do you have a copier or scanner?

The printers in the library have a built in scanner and copier. To use the scanner click on the “email button”.

I’m having trouble printing my work in the library. What do I do?

If you are having printer issues, ask a librarian for help.

At the Rachel R. Savarino Library (Choate), sometimes the wrong printer is selected. Make sure the printer selected is “Follow_You_Printer“.
Make sure the computer you are sitting at is logged in the computer with YOUR login credentials.
If you are confused or still cannot print, please see a librarian at the desk.

How do I release my print job from the printers?

You will need to send your print job to the printer named “Follow_You_Printer“. The print job will not print until you release it, so you can send as many as you would like.

To access the printer: You will need a printer sticker placed on the back of your Trocaire ID card in order to access all the printer functions. Ask a librarian for a sticker if you do not have one or if you forgot your card. Once you have a sticker, simply swipe your card on the black pad on the printer.

Four icons will appear: Copy, E-mail, Release Documents and Fax. Select “Release Documents”. A list of all of the documents that you sent to the printer will appear. Select the documents you would like to print and click on the print button.

I don’t have my student ID with me. Can I print without the print sticker on the back of the ID?

Yes you can. Touch on the keyboard icon on the printer touch screen. Where it asks for a Pin number, put in your username, Enter, then key in your password, Enter.

Are there other printers available for printing?

Yes- you can send your print jobs from the computers in the library then retrieve them from any printer in the building.
Additional printers can be found:
Computer lab in Room 320
Printer directly off the elevator on the 2nd floor


Summer Library Hours
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