Policies: General

Borrower Responsibilities

For the benefit of all members of the Trocaire community, users of the Trocaire College Libraries take on a set of responsibilities when borrowing library materials.

  • You must present your Trocaire College ID card or Community User Library Card when borrowing materials.
  • AcademicSHARE users must present their current institutional ID.
  • Bring back your library items on time. Check the due slip inside the item for the due date.
  • Reserve items may not leave the library.
  • Return library items in the same condition as when borrowed.
  • Items may be returned at the main campus at either the Circulation Desk of the Library or in the Library bin located in the lobby. Items may also be returned to the security desk at the Trocaire Achievement Center (Transit Road location).

Material Use

Check the chart below for how long a user may keep library items

Books28 calendar days
Media (DVDs)7 calendar days
Serials (Journals)7 calendar days
Reserves2-hour in-library use only

Items on Reserve must be used in the library. There is a 2-hour limit per item. Depending need/demand for the item, the 2-hour period may be extended. Please check with a librarian.


  • Before the item is due, contact the library by telephone (716) 827-2434, email one of the librarians or talk to them in person.
  • Items can be renewed for a total of three times.
  • Before a third renewal, the patron must bring the item into the library.
  • If there are no patron holds for the item and it is in good condition, it can be renewed one more time.

Overdue Items & Fines

Items that are not returned on or before the due date are considered overdue, but there are no fines. You need to either return the item as soon as possible or provide for a replacement cost of the item. Failure to act on this will result in a library hold placed on your student account.

Library Fines: Circulating items
  • There are no fines for circulating books, DVDs, magazines and journals. After 30 days overdue, the library will place a library hold on a student’s account and grades and transcripts will be withheld until the item(s) are returned.
Library Fines: Interlibrary Loan & AcademicSHARE items
  • If items are borrowed from another library (see Interlibrary Loan or AcademicSHARE), the borrower is responsible for payment assessed according to the other library’s regulation.
  • Payment can be made by cash or money order payable to Trocaire College. We cannot accept checks.
Late Item Charges: Reserve Items
  • $10.00 per day for books and media on Reserve.
  • Grades and transcripts will be withheld until the item(s) are returned.
Lost Item Charges
  • If the borrower lost an item, they will be charged $20.00 restocking and processing fee and the replacement cost of the item.
Unpaid Fines
  • If fines are not paid, library privileges are revoked, and grades and transcripts withheld.



Trocaire College will make available a variety of technological resources to support learning and enhance instruction. Our goal is to provide access to diverse, state of the art technological tools to facilitate resource sharing, innovation and communication. The users (students, instructors, administrators, staff, community users or alumni) of these tools take on certain responsibilities, including the use of technology in an ethical manner.

Database Access

Access to leased databases is restricted to those with a valid Trocaire College username and password. Databases are accessible from both on and off campus. Community users, including alumni, only have access to databases while on campus.

Computer Use

Usage is limited to academic research. Anyone using Library PCs for other purposes will be asked to shut down the computer and move to a computer lab. For more information on Trocaire College’s Technology policies, see the Student Handbook.

For Community Users and Alumni, please follow the guidelines that were issued to you.

Charging Station

For the convenience of Trocaire students, faculty and staff, a charging station is available in the library for:

  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Apple watches
  • Power banks

Please read the following carefully. Use of the charging station is subject to the following general conditions of use that apply to you and all users of this device. By using the charging station you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined below: (If you do not agree with these terms and conditions do not use the charging station.)

  • I am currently a student, faculty, or staff member at Trocaire College.
  • I will not place any other item besides a mobile device that the charging station was intended.
  • I will not attempt to charge a defective, broken, or out of order mobile device in the charging station.
  • I understand that I use the charging station at my own risk and will not hold Trocaire College responsible for any damage, loss, misuse, or theft of any devices placed in the charging station.
  • I will not hold Trocaire College responsible for a device that fails to charge for any reason, including due to connection to the incorrect cable, power outage, or technical or mechanical failure of the charging station.
  • I take full responsibility for any/all devices I place in the charging station.
  • The Library staff has the right to remove any device from the charging station at any time for any reason.
  • I understand that I am responsible for the costs of any damages that I cause to the charging station.


Food & Drink

Food and drink are permitted in both libraries.
The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for library users to consume food and drink in the libraries.
  • Ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment for library users to study and research.
  • Preserve and protect library materials, furnishings and equipment.
  • Prevent the disruption of other library users in public areas.


  • All drinks must be in covered containers.
  • Avoid any foods that are wet, sticky, excessively crunchy or strong smelling so as to not disturb others.
  • Clean up and dispose all trash in a garbage can or recycling bin.
  • Report all spills and accidents to the Library staff to prevent safety hazards, stains or damage.
  • Library staff have final approval of any food, beverage or container allowed in the library.
  • The library has a hot & cold water dispenser for library patrons. Please note the library does not supply cups.
Adapted from Eastern Washington University’s JFK Library Food Policy.


Group Study Room

Room 405 in the Rachel R. Savarino Library may be reserved by students for group or private study. Student use of the room is limited to academic work.
Faculty and Staff may also reserve the room for College meetings or other academic purposes.

Reservation Policies

  • Reservations for Room 405 can ONLY be made by using the library’s Online Booking Form
  • The rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • The library reserves the right to reassign or refuse a reservation.
  • Room reservation policies apply both to the person who reserved the room and to the others who are using the room as part of a group.
  • Reservations are made for either 1 hour or 2 hour time slots. See a librarian if you need to reserve the room for additional time.
  • Persons or groups must arrive at the room within 15 minutes of their scheduled time or forfeit the reservation.

Usage policies

  • All code of conduct policies found in the Student Handbook are applicable when using the room. Any person violating library or college policies will be asked to leave.
  • The library is not responsible for any items left unattended.
  • Blinds must be up and lights on at all times while students are in the room.
  • The room must be left in the same condition as when you entered. All paper and food waste must be disposed of in trash bins. If something spills, please let the Library staff know immediately.
  • Please shut down computers and turn off lights when you are finished.

Technology and Furniture:

  • Desktop computers
  • Seating
  • WiFi
  • Whiteboards


Community Users

Community Users (CU) are welcome to use the Trocaire College Libraries. CUs are Trocaire College alumni and members of the community who are not current students, faculty or staff at Trocaire College.

  • To check out books and other materials, an individual will need a library card issused by the Trocaire College Library.
  • To use the computers a Trocaire library card and a Trocaire Network User ID is required.

Current students and faculty have priority for computers and library materials. The library staff reserves the right to restrict CUs’ access to computers and books during peak student usage times, such as certain hours of the day or times of the year.

To receive a Library Card:
Applicants must present the following to a librarian at the library’s circulation desk:

  • A photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or non-driver ID)
  • An alternate form of identification showing his or her current address
  • A completed version of the request for library card form, which can be found here

The librarian will copy the ID and date the copy. These copies will be filed in the library’s system. A library card with a barcode will be issued. The individual’s name, street and e-mail addresses, and phone number will be added to the catalog system. The card can then be used to check out materials from the library.

To receive a Network User ID:
CUs must obtain a library card before they can receive a Network User ID. Once the library card is issued, a “Request for Network Identity” form must be completed which must be authenticated by a librarian. The form will then be given to the CU, who will visit the Information Technology Office, located in Room 360, where a username and password will be issued for computer access on campus.

  • Alumni – $0.00 for library card and network ID
  • Non-alumni – $15.00 — Cash only. We cannot accept checks or credit cards.


  • June 1st to May 31st of the calendar year. You must reapply every year and pay the fee, if applicable. The Library reserves the right to not grant CU privileges based on previous behavior.


  • Any problems with the Network User ID are the responsibility of the user. If there are issues, call the IT Helpdesk at (716) 827-4330 or visit the IT Office in Room 360 for assistance.
  • Notices for overdue materials will be sent to the registrant’s e-mail account. Failure to return borrowed items in a timely manner may result in forfeiture of CU status.
  • Printing is free for CUs as of June 18, 2014, but this can change at any time. Excessive amounts of printing may result in the revocation of library privileges.
  • Off-site or remote access to the Trocaire network and library databases is not included in this agreement.

***CU library cards and Network User IDs are privileges, not rights. Any CU, including alumni, found to be in violation of the Borrower’s Responsibilities or Technology: Acceptable Use Policy (handed out to user with the original form) will have their privileges revoked.***

User Privacy

All library records are confidential in accordance with the American Library Association guidelines and New York CPLR S SEC. 4509

Gifts to the Library

The Trocaire College Library is grateful for gifts and contributions. Financial contributions and book, journal, and media materials donated have enriched the Library’s collection. Through donors, the Library has been able to acquire materials which otherwise could not have been purchased. Upon request, the Library staff can supply a list of needed materials for consideration by the donor.

Donation of Library Materials

In accepting gifts, the Library reserves the right to determine retention, integration, circulation and future use of the material. Gift materials are judged by basic selection standards and are accepted or rejected by these standards: to implement, enrich, and support the educational programs of Trocaire College. The Library provides a wide range of materials with diversity of appeal and presentation of different points of view.

Gift Book Program

The Library welcomes financial contributions specifically for book purchases to honor or remember a named individual. A Deed of Gift form is available from the Library so that we may honor the donor’s generosity.

Income Tax Statements

The Library cannot appraise the value of a donation of materials. The Trocaire College Library will issue a letter acknowledging the donation. It is the donor’s decision to determine the value of the donation.

Summer Library Hours
(May 27 – Jul 26)

Mondays – Thursdays – 9am – 5pm